03 January 2013

Giant Overtime

She stared grimly up for a long moment, lips tightly clamped together in frustration. There wasn't any option. The ladder was gone, and she couldn't reach the top of the massive wooden desk any other way. She'd have to climb up, like Jack and his beanstalk, and hope no-one walked in while she was engaged in such  undignified behavior.

She clicked her tongue in disgust, then drew a deep breath as she hiked her tight skirt up high on her thighs. Grabbing the arm rest with both hands, and hitching her knee onto the seat she pulled herself up onto the leather seat of the wheeled leather chair, that matched the desk for size. Luckily, it was pulled up into the knee well, close to the edge of the desk. From the seat she was able to turn around, do a quick hop to plant her bottom firmly on the edge of the polished wooden surface of the desk, swivel to get her knees onto the desk and then clamber to her feet.

"Get the phone number," she silently snipped, allowing her lips to draw up into a sneer. Uiara Guzman was usually not so bad to work for, but on occasion she just didn't care about the limitations of humans. Like size and strength. The job paid well, though, she reminded herself. 80 cents a minute, a dollar twenty for overtime, like now. Ten minutes of overtime was enough to pay for a new paperback novel, 20 minutes would pay for pizza delivery when she got home tonight.

She refused to think about the drawbacks of staying in a job where she felt the need to calculate how much she earned per minute. Hey, it was an adventure working for a giant, right? Look what she was doing right now. How many secretaries got paid for jungle gym climbing?

There it was. She pulled out her phone. "I have that number for you, Ms. Guzman." She recited it slowly, in three groups - area code, prefix, final four - then repeated it. "I'm heading home now, Ms. Guzman. I hope you have a nice weekend. Goodbye."

The phone purred quietly as she disconnected the phone call. At least it was voice mail. She had not been looking forward to having to make chitchat with her boss when she just wanted to get home.

Of course, now she was going to have to get down. She looked at the long distance to the floor and sighed. Maybe if she held on to the edge and dropped?

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