04 January 2012

This is Not a New Year's Resolution

So. New Year. Time to buckle down and get to work on this whole 10,000 hours stuff.

I've been thinking about how many hours a week I can reasonably expect to get in on my fiction writing. My best hours for writing are at night, after everyone else has gone to bed, and all my higher priority responsibilities are done for the day. So, looking at the number of hours/night I can put in, times the number of nights it will actually work out that I get everyone to bed by a reasonable time, plus time snatched here and there during the occasional lunch hour, etc., I come up with a reasonable number of 16 hours/week.

Do I stick with the reasonable goal, or do I see how far I can stretch myself? I think I will start with a 20 hour/week goal and see how that goes. The biggest problem, honestly, isn't going to be finding the time to write - superglueing myself to the chair and not letting myself start procrastinating or making excuses is the difficult part.

Hopefully, that's what this blog will help me accomplish. Accountability. Not being able to sweep this goal out of sight and pretend I didn't really mean it. (Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations.) Nope. I will have to post in that upper right hand corner just how many total hours I've gotten in so far and how many hours this week I've spent writing. If I start procrastinating, anyone coming here will be able to tell.

Feel free to post a comment and poke at me if you think I'm slacking off.

20 hours/week isn't a difficult goal. I just have to want it badly enough to make it happen.

OK. Time to work.

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carol said...

20 hours is a great goal. I think I would have a tough time finding 20 more hours in a week. Alright, now I'm making excuses and it's not even my goal.